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Who is Peter Bernhardt

Since my early childhood I loved art in any kind, either in the form of books, paintings, photography, interior design, fashion or food. I adored the magnificent creation of life in its multiple facets, the kaleidoscope of colours which made me speechless, the light and warmth which transposed into happiness and dynamic and the handmade creations of fellow humans.

Being kept busy with studies, work and family, I started late to express myself and my interior feelings through art facts, but after I started to adventure myself to walk on a tightrope without safety, I could feel that I had opened up my secret feelings hidden in my inner soul to a public judgment. I was anxious about this judgment, but hiding away was not the solution. As I grew older, I had to take a decision: Now or never.

You will find my humble contribution to a better and peaceful and optimistic world on this website. In each of my art facts you will find a piece of my secrets, given away with the hope that it will make your place a location of inspiration and that one day, you will be able to exchange your secrets with the world, too.

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