Hotel 2 Fevrier, Lomé – Togo, 2021

Peter Bernhardt

Sublime Outdoor Decoration

Motto: “Art meets Tourism, Art promotes Tourism, Art and Tourism are twins, Art brings people together.”

In 2021 Peter Bernhardt was asked by the hotel management of the famous 5star Hotel of “2 Fevrier” to advice on outdoor design to improve the look of the south façade of the hotel.

It encourages community gatherings and serves as a center of activity. This is why art enthusiasts can often be found traveling the world; art attracts visitors from far off destinations and increases tourism. Art is a vital element for any city. It strengthens local economies and creates jobs for people who care about the community. It is a great way for people to learn about culture, enjoy artistic experiences.”

The unique outdoor decoration of the south front at the 5 Star Hotel “2 Février” in Lomé has been realized with magnificent colours from the photos of the artist photographer Peter Bernhardt who took all photos on the hills surrounding Kpalimé a famous touristic destination in Togo, where the air and the colours of the sky in the morning hours of the sunrise and during sunset are a natural kaleidoscope.

Each of the photos can be produced on plexiglass for any kind of indoor or outdoor decoration with up-light effects.

Some of the skyline selections

The Sky of Togo – Video


Peter Bernhardt

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