Lomé, Togo 2021-2022

Peter Bernhardt

Decoration of the OYO BAR – Cocktail Lounge at the 5* Hotel “2 Février”

In 2020 Peter Bernhardt known as a creative and innovative art photographer had been asked by the hotel management to decorate with his art works the interior of the famous OYO Bar (https://2fevrier.com/en/wine-dine/) on its 27th floor where he had a long-term showcase of his innovative and creative photo exposition.

His objective with the inspiring thematic “female metamorphosis” is his profound desire to show the world via his photographic arrangements that a woman can be beauty, strong and intelligent. A simple causality often contested by patriarch society systems. As photos can say more than words, he hopes that his clear message is destined to be the beacon of hope for all oppressed women and encourage them to aspire for education and once achieved not to leave their natural beauty behind, but harmoniously “metamorphose” into a wonderful, desired, liberated and leading member of our societies.


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Peter Bernhardt

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In each of my art facts you will find a piece of my secrets, given away with the hope that it will make your place a location of inspiration and that one day, you will be able to exchange your secrets with the world, too.