February 2, 2021 at Blue Turtle, Lomé / Togo

Peter Bernhardt

Exhibition International Women Day: Women become Leader!

UN Women announces the theme for International Women’s Day (IWD 2021) to be held on March 8, 2021 will be: “Female Leadership: For an Equal Future in the World of Covid-19”

Women are on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis, as health professionals, care givers, innovators, organizers, community leaders and, for some, as national leaders who are among the most exemplary and successful leaders. more effective in the fight against the pandemic. The crisis has highlighted the paramount importance of women’s contributions and the disproportionate burden they bear.

In a spirit of supporting the global action “Feminine Leadership”, the artist photographer began to reflect and her solidarity action was kind enough to demonstrate that the female human being, whatever her role, function and duty in society, enriches society with his intelligence without neglecting his extraordinary beauty with which he enriches the whole world every day.

The technical peculiarity of her work is that the photos of the “African woman model” are taken in a natural, authentic context, without make-up, without artificial support from the classic tools of a photo studio.
This approach “in the middle of nature” requires an acute concentration on the parameters which will influence the result, namely: the angle of the grip, the position, the gesture, the movement, the look and especially the outside light which changes at each moment.

The complex role of the artist-photographer is to seek harmony in this kaleidoscope of varied aspects and to capture the famous “Kairos”. Usually, the “Kairos” refers to the right moment, moment or opportunity to seize. These definitions are paraphrases. Certainly, the term “Kairos” has something of opportunism, being by definition “the time of opportune occasion”. By digging a little, we very quickly come across its opposite, linear time, “chronos”. And the “aion”, or the very long time of the generation, of the era, which touches on destiny, even on eternity. Next to it, there is therefore this punctual “Kairos”, this moment full of promises, which cannot be foreseen, cannot be established, but depends on everyone’s acumen to seize it at the moment under penalty of it disappears instantly and permanently.

This is the art of photography!
It now remains for the viewer to feel the energy that this moment releases through the photo – which is the taking of a moment, less than a second, but that once stopped, for a second, the image will be able to cross centuries and become immortal.
Peter Bernhardt

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