Events — 2021

Special Exhibition 2021: “The Western Alliance abandon Afghanistan – a political and military disaster”

On April 14th, 2021, after two decades, all foreign troupes left Afghanistan in a hurry

”The A400M aircraft that is now taking off will definitely be the plane that would take the last German soldiers out of Afghanistan. In a night and fog action, the Germans leave their base in northern Afghanistan.”

In 2006-2008, I was the advisor of the Minister of Commerce and Industry in Kabul and I could not imagine that after 20 years of support, the Western Allies would leave in a lurch all the people which had trusted them.
Therefore, I organized in my new gallery a special exhibition showcasing aquarelles I had bought in 2006 from an Afghan painter named Ghulam Nabi.

Ghulam Nabi’s collection

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